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Your Privacy

We Never Send SPAM and Never Sell Email Addresses

At Dream School Commons your privacy is important to us. As the site grows we may add features or promotions that give us access to information about you. This page outlines our privacy policy and explains what we do with information we obtain about you.

What Information Do We Collect and What Do We Do with It?

You are asked to provide your name and a valid email address when you submit a story or contact us using the Contact page. That information is used to contact you, it will not be shared with anyone outside the organization and we will not use it to send unsolicited emails.

In the future we may provide services such as sharing an article or a story with a friend which would require that you provide your friend's email address. Such information will be used to send a single email to your friend with the article attached and including an invitation to visit our site. Such information will not be used for any other purpose.

When you visit the Dream School Commons site (or any other web site for that matter), your Internet browser automatically sends your IP address and some technical information about your browser. The site uses that information to send properly formatted web pages back to your computer. For security purposes our web server collects IP addresses and browser information for each visit. That information may be used to deal with abuse, diagnose technical problems, or to analyse how visitors are using the site. Information about your individual connection will not be shared with anyone except in the case of abuse.

It is important to understand that each web site has its own privacy policy. When you click on an image or link that takes you to another site you have left the domain of Dream School Commons and our privacy policy no longer applies. You should check that site's privacy policy before providing any personal information.