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Grassroots Educational Innovations Start Here

Steve Wood - Father of DSC founder and now IncitEd founder Jaime Wood

Dream School Commons founder Jaime Wood is moving decisively toward the DSC objective. She and co-founder Kevilina Burbank are creating a way to overcome the number one barrier to introducing innovative ideas into existing classrooms as well as to building innovative dream schools outside the traditional system. They need your help as they build IncitEd: Grassroots Educational Innovations. Don't miss the special promotion for Beta testers mentioned below.

The current model for funding educational innovation is broken. People with ideas have trouble getting funding, and people with funding have trouble finding people with ideas. The review cycle for government agencies and large foundations can take months or years, while venture capitalists and angel investors expect rapid returns on their investments.

IncitEd fixes this by providing a platform where innovators working in the education sector can crowdsource funding. Project Builders write one pitch that reaches thousands of small donors, making them less reliant on traditional seed funding sources. Education is too important to be left to billionaire philanthropists and government agencies.

In typical creative fashion, the IncitEd team is using the basic IncitEd crowdfunding platform to bootstrap the project itself! It is the first step to a full fledged collaboration and crowdfunding site for educators with a passion for their craft, and a desire to incite their students to success. 

Rather than continue with an article length essay describing IncitEd, you are invited to Click Here and visit our internal "live test" site. The live test will conclude soon, to be followed by an Alpha test. The team will then invite selected Project Builders to participate in Beta testing, which will include one-on-one help from the team. Check out the live test Project Blog for details on how to eliminate fees on your project launched during the Beta test period. 

Please visit the site and support this grassroots effort with a financial pledge if possible, or by simply spreading the word among like minded educators... or both. In any case, thank you for taking time to check out IncitEd.