About the Dream School Wiki

As Dream School ideas are discussed and refined on the forum, DSC supporters will be asked to vote ideas "up" or "down." Note that the term supporters does not imply financial support. All active participants on the site will be eligible to vote. Once an idea has gained sufficient support as indicated by forum voting, a Wiki page will be created for it. The page will appear on a drop-down menu below the main menu  Wiki  option. 

Those who supported the idea will be granted "editor" access to that idea's Wiki page. Others may be invited (or may request an invitation) to paricipate in the process. Access will be granted based on expertise in the philosophies and/or curricula to be offered, and general experience in developing alternative education systems.

Each Wiki page will be organized into a number of sections, each defining a specific aspect of the Dream School. For example, there may be a section for 
  • physical school design;
  • the underlying philosophy that drives decision-making; 
  • curriculum development, both online and physical aspects as are appropriate;
  • definition of the target student;
  • support resources, both human and material.
This is just a small sample of what will be developed on a Dream School's Wiki page, an area in which you are invited to share your expertise by suggesting aspects of a Dream School that should be well defined before a final plan is developed and fundraising begins. 

Please use the comment area below to submit your suggestions. Your participation is greatly appreciated. We may post your suggestions (but never your email address) on the forum for further discussion.